Free Cut La Roc downloads.

Breakbeat maestro and head of Rocstar Agency Cut La roc has been on a Soundcloud frenzy this week, and if you head on over to his page you can get your mitts on a plethora of free music. No less than 13 free downloads and re edits have been added in the last week, meaning […]

Various Artists ‘Modeselektion Vol 1’

This is a compilation made up of artists concerned with a more intelligent side to bass culture, excited by depth as much as shattered subs and broken bins.

Bot’Ox ‘Babylon By Car’

Like two ninja assassins carrying synths through the shadows, Bot’Ox have come from relative obscurity to unleash what may well be the finest collection of nob-twisting, skillfully sequenced and difficult to define tunes 2010 has offered so far.

Psycatron ‘Celestial Symphony’

Genre classics like Substance & Vainqueur’s Emerge 2 spring to mind, such is the relative complexity of the seemingly disjointed dubby cogs at work here

Federoco Locchi & UGLH ‘Be House’

One for the floor, with just enough thought applied to stand out in a crowd

Various Artists ‘The Sound of Norway’

It retains a wholly magical feel that could only come from a nation blessed by the Northern Lights.

Fausto Messina ‘Jesa’

Milanese Messina’s first release on Lust may stick to its guns, but it sticks to them well.

Various Artists ‘Secret Weapons’ (DJ History)

One of the most knowledgeable brands in dance music has done it again.

Various Artists ‘Diary No.1 (Upon.You Records)’

Full of the rolling, padded-drum house and tech that make up ‘the Berlin thing’, thankfully here it’s addictive like Ame, not just mundane minimalism.