Guy Gerber drops Fabric, before dropping into Fabric

Tel Aviv’s finest, Guy Gerber, releases his addition to the feted mix series before playing the club this Saturday, alongside the likes of Konrad Black.

Kompakt to put out huge charity album

Ostgut Ton, Freude Am Tanzen, BPitch Control, Dial, and Optimo Music have all contributed work from the likes of Jahcoozi, Michael Mayer, Efdemin, Monkey Maffia, SCSI-9, and Someone Else. What’s more, all 34-tracks cost just €7.99. No excuses then.

Various Artists ‘Freude Am Tanzen 5zig Compilation’

From hypnotic house to dubstep inspired techno, ambient spoken word and downbeat grooves it’s all here, and everything’s as memorable as it should be. Germany’s Freude Am Tanzen’s 50th release should satisfy Deutsche disciples and Euro-sceptics alike.