Too Many T’s – The Running Wild Tour.

One of the hottest acts on the UK circuit today will be shooting around the country with their ever-faithful DJ, Savage Henry, throughout October and November. Too Many T’s describe their sound as Golden Era Hip Hop… but now, which sums up their unique approach to the genre to a T! Having caught these guys […]

THTC Bring Lazy Habits To Headline Birthday

The clothing brand celebrate their 14th birthday with a massive party on 16 November at Brixton Jamm. THTC, for those not up on their streetwear, is a unique ethically conscious eco-friendly clothing label that has developed over the years to be a beacon of creativity often collaborating with artists from across the spectrum with their […]

Raw Cutz Hip Hop sample label launches + FREE SAMPLE PACK!

  Raw Cutz ( is the fresh sample label from Erik Svahn and Matt Pelling, the guys behind Loopmasters and Equipped Music– it’s a fresh look at the  world of sampling through the eyes of those that have been involved with the sampling industry since its inception in the early 1990s. Equipped Music and E-Lab has been around since the first wave […]

An interview with Invader Records: Around the world in 80 labels

It seems like no matter how far from Britain this series takes us, we’re only ever a few interviews away from a trip back to these fair isles, such is the wealth of quality imprints that have set up shop in our green and pleasant land. Take this instalment, for example. Based out of our […]

Festival news: Soundwave Festival Croatia announces impressive and eclectic full lineup

Soundwave Festival Croatia celebrates its fifth year in the sun, making a bold statement and revealing a lineup that showcases influential, inspired and innovative artists and DJs from the UK and around the world. Bringing together a list of artists to surpass all that has gone before – from stunning live acts to truly talented […]

Various Artists ‘Watergate 11: Solomun’

Solomun delivers old skool treats as he adds to Watergate’s burgeoning mix series, highlights coming in the shape of English-French hip hop and electro breaks.

CHOICE CUT- El_Txef_A ‘Slow Dancing In A Burning Room’

We can’t pronounce his name, what with all the underscoring, but still, El_Txef_A’s debut LP is a fine meld of warm hip hop, melancholy house, and electro.

DJs Bailey and Ron, Bad Men, charity balls and timeless jungle

DJ Bailey, Bassman and DJ Ron head to Moho Live for Bad Man Ting this Friday December 9th, while a four man turntable contest separates the men from the boys.

CHOICE CUT – DJ Cam ‘Seven’

Cam returns with his seventh album. Veering from Earthy folk to jazzy downbeats, smoky hip hop instrumentals and electronic blues it’s his best in some time.

Around the world in 80 labels: Svetlana Industries – Toby Svetlana

After gracing our pages with the recent BNJMN 12″, and the roster sampler Come On Let’s Go, we invited the head honcho of Svetlana Industries, Belgrade’s finest bass music label, to expound on the impressive young imprint.