Beat-Herder Announce Some Awesomeness

Somewhere deep in Lancashire’s luscious Ribble Valley the festival drums are pounding. The hills rumble and the valley reverberates – imagine the scene in Jurassic Park with the glass of water, the storm, the car, night-vision goggles, and the FREAKING T.REX!! – it’s like that, but more tuneful – for THEY pound to the selectest […]

Happy Mondays At The Forum

This November legendary ‘Madchester’ band Happy Mondays return to London for an epic performance at The Forum. Celebrating the fact they’re still alive – considering their lifetime dedication to narcotics  – OH, and the 25th Anniversary of their first LP –  expect heavy festivities, wild jubilation and some very special guests. May’s show – the first […]

Happy Mondays – The Return

In 1985, the Happy Mondays fused a sound that owed as much to northern soul and funk as it did rock and psychedelia. influenced by the house music beaming in direct from Chicago, they enjoyed a huge run of success, and excess. The 1990 album ‘Pills ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches’ collided perfectly with the acid […]

Twenty Four Hour Party People… Happy Mondays Come To The Forum

This June sees the return of the Happy Mondays, live at The Forum, London. Legends of the Manchester acid house scene and hero to many a raver, these guys have been shaking maracas and twisting melons for over twenty years. With the amount of narcotics consumed between them, its a miracle they’re all standing, let […]

Acid House Anthems 3CD release – 25th Anniversary of acid house

Released to mark the 25th anniversary of the birth of acid house this album encompasses everything that is good and pure. It is the celebration of a historical time in Great Britain. A time when Thatcher proclaimed, “there is no such thing as society” and society stood defiantly united, arm in arm, softly gurning and […]

Factory Reborn

The Mancunians descend on the Smoke this Wednesday for a second event at Lockstock in Camden