Get your free Cari Lekebusch track, courtesy of Fabric, here

Swedish legend and H Productions’ heavy bossman Cari Lekebusch steps up at Fabric this weekend, with Sasha on guard in the other room. Here’s a free track.

Guest chart – Cari Lekebusch

H-Productions boss Cari Lekebusch steps up to recommend ten of the best techno cuts of late. And what a list of propellant electronic music it is too.

Cari Lekebusch & Joel Mull ‘Afrormosia’

Messrs Lekebusch and Mull, techno dons, getting a little bit angry, in the best kind of way and, as with well over half of Sweden’s output this year, all tunes on offer are very good.

Jesper Dahlback ‘Thermal Voltage (1&2)’

Jesper Dahlback adds to his already weighty portfolio with this techno four tracker of analogue hooks on Cari Lekebusch’s H Productions.

Big Apple Beats – Tony Rohr

After staying true to his game for years, mid-Westerner Tony Rohr is responsible for scores of weighty, solid and oh-so danceable techno and tech house releases, not least his latest album, Oddlantik Avenue, released on H Productions last month. We call up for a chat.

The Advent & Industrialyzer ‘SCH EXP’

Techno stalwart The Advent joins forced with Industrialyser to serve up some seriously 3am sounds via Cari Lekebusch’s H Productions. Not for the fainthearted, this isn’t so much drilling as it is terrifying, so proceed with caution (and a bottle of water).

Tony Rohr ‘Oddlantik Avenue’

´╗┐Tony Rohr / ‘Oddlantik Avenue’ CD / Digital / Vinyl H Productions / Released February 28th 2011 Brooklynite Tony Rohr makes his album’s title make sense with this ten-tracker on Swedish don Cari Lekebusch’s label. Or does he? While it’s true the stereotypical Big Apple sound is more soulful than scary, and opts to be […]

Cari Lekebusch & Jesper Dahlback ‘Hands On Experience’

Another week, another mass of muscular Swedish four-fours. This time H Productions boss Cari Lekebusch teams up with latter day legend Jesper Dahlback to deliver an EP that’s made with just one thing in mind- the dancefloor.

Tony Rohr ‘Verb Is The Word’

Brookyn’s Tony Rohr responds to an open invitation from Cari Lekebusch with a deliciously infectious techno two-tracker on H Productions, our second favourite Swedish imprint.

Nima Khak ‘Peppercorn b/w Grind It Out’

Any limbs in earshot should rightly feel propelled by a blend of dread and drive.