London’s Studio 338 -1st Birthday- with Ellen Allien, Nathan Fake, Guido Schneider…& More!

Studio 338 1st Birthday Saturday 14th March 2015 London // 9pm – 7am Terrace: Ellen Allien Nathan Fake (live) Guido Schneider Lowtec Ste Roberts Loft: Colin Chiddle – Art of Dark Greg Brockmann – Half Baked Laurine – Slow Life Samuel Bellis – D.E.S/Fuse Unai Trotti – Cartulis Day It’s amazing to know that the […]

Daniel Dexter does it again…

Daniel Dexter – Deep In Your Heart Daniel Dexter is a nu breed of house producer finding plenty of support with the likes of Steve Bug, who has released much of the Berliner’s music until now. It’s easy to see why, because in Dexter’s glowing neon hues and polished grooviness, there is plenty of shared […]