Sifting in 2012: Why it’s vital to remember and discover

Autumn is looming, meaning the elements will soon ensure most evenings are housebound. Prime time for music shopping, people should look back, not just forward.

He wears a mask, he plays pre-mixed tracks. We’re bored.

The argument over fake DJs remains heated, with ongoing statements from either side of the warring factions. All we want to know is if anyone still cares?

Bugge Wesseltoft, Jazzanova, and Ashley Beedle to play London Oval

An instrumental player in uniting jazz and dance music comes to London, accompanied by his friends, Jazzanova and Ashley Beedle. A treat indeed.

Radioactiveman ‘Waits and Measures’

Keith Tenniswood delivers his fourth album under the Radioactiveman moniker, and we rather like the electro breakbeats contained therein.

Stumbleine ‘Ghosting’

Recent focus of our imprint interview series, Around the world in 80 labels, Hija De Colombia release eight tracks of chill-wave from Bristolian Stumbleine.

Taragana Pyjarama ‘Tipped Bowls’

Nick Eriksen unveils his debut, which arrives on Kompakt, and brings with it lush soundscapes, from glitchy downbeat to strange but engrossing house music.

Download Alexander Robotnick’s ringtones here, for free

The Italian electronic pioneer is giving away 75 noises, melodies and tones for your phone, full details here.

CHOICE CUT- Tomas Barfod ‘Salton Sea’

Who Made Who drummer and all round musical trophy boy Tomas Barfod unveils his latest solo long player, and it’s full of really, really good electronic music.

An interview with Wolfgang Voigt on Mohn and running Kompakt

The Kompakt co-owner discusses running one of the world’s finest record labels out of Cologne, his MOHN project with Jorg Berger, and whether alter-egos work.

FutureEverything Manchester Guide: Tobin, Herbert and more

Amon Tobin, Matthew Herbert, Mike Huckaby, Marcel Dettman, Levon Vincent, Deadbeat, and a host of other faces descend on Manchester next week- here’s our guide.