H.O.S.H. ‘Forever Young Part 1’

H.O.S.H. teams up with bossman Solomun, at least in so far as the B-side goes, as part of his latest EP of decidedly dirty dancing beats.

Various Artists ‘Watergate 11: Solomun’

Solomun delivers old skool treats as he adds to Watergate’s burgeoning mix series, highlights coming in the shape of English-French hip hop and electro breaks.

Solomun’s Watergate video, streaming here with ‘drunk’ old man

The clip to accompany Solomun’s new 12″ on Watergate Records is an amusing episode with a happy elderly chap, whilst the track is funk fuelled house stuff.

H.O.S.H. ‘Life Is Music Is Life’

Diynamic man H.O.S.H. arrives with a brand new EP for 2012, taking things down dark pop avenues whilst also making us chuckle (though maybe not on purpose).

HOLIC confirm Solomun and Stimming for 4th Birthday

With headlines like that, is there really much point in adding anything more? Well we think so, because it’s an event worth talking about. After producing on renowned institutions like Buzzin Fly, Freerange, Mobilee, Dessous, and Compost, Solomun is a name most people will be familiar with. And that’s before you mention the Diynamic label […]