STUDIO 80 unveils Amsterdam Dance Event programme

This month, Studio 80  – one of Amsterdam’s foremost venues –  plays host to a jam packed rosta for the Amsterdam Dance Event. With a total of 8 labels and 49 artists shimmying in and out of the club over the course of 5 nights – there’ll be sonic joy guaranteed for every electronic tastebud. […]

Suol’s Daniel Bortz plays his first ever London gig this Dec… We catch up with him to get the lowdown…

His DJ sets regularly leave enthusiastic audience that especially appreciates his playful versatility – with musical influences ranging from punk and new wave (Stranglers / Joy Division) to pop (Prince / Peter Gabriel) and classic techno (Dave Angel / Daniel Bell), to local folk music (Biermösl Blosn).  We speak to SUOL’s Daniel Bortz ahead of […]