Daft Punk and Jay Z “Computerized”. Shit? Or Am I Just Gettin’ Old?

This collaboration has my feelings in a heightened state of discombobulation. I can’t tell if it’s shit, or if I’ve just lost touch with the kids entirely. I’m irked by the monotonous chorus lines, but simultaneously swept up in Daft Punk’s trademark rolling bass lines, super-synth and epic reverb. The real hair in my soup […]

George Issakidis ‘Karezza’

The veteran producer turns in his first ever solo album, and confirms how good electro is when done well, in case anyone needed reminding. Recommended.

Daft Punk – Get Lucky feat Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers

After a much anticipated wait and loads of sneaky leaked videos, Daft Punk have finally released the debut track from their new album Random Access Memories. Having dropped a preview at Coachella everyone has been waiting for their first album since Human After All  back in 2005. Featuring their trademark Vocoder effect over Pharrell Williams’ […]

30 highest paid DJs list revealed during era of austerity

Avicii, and Skrillex are amongst the new school dance super rich, somehow, Swedish House Mafia prove their fans don’t listent to Sneak, whilst Tiesto wins out.

Around the world in 80 labels: Soma Records – Glenn Gibbons

We catch up with Glenn Gibbons, co-founder of Glasgow’s legendary house and techno imprint Soma, to ask those five questions we ask everyone. Here’s how he answered.

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Hullo all!  Hope you are all fine and dandy this week and ready to get outta work!  We’ve had lots of comps running this week on the site, some of  will help you save your pennies over the coming weekend if you are lucky enough to win! Check the comps section further down the blog […]

20 years of Soma quality en route (with exclusive Daft Punk cut)

It’s been one of the institutions Scottish heads have been most proud of, for longest. An emblem of house and techno- from straight up floor fillers to sounds from the fringes- with the partnership of Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle, AKA Slam, at the helm, and techno deity Dave Clarke heavily involved, what in 1991 probably […]

Soma Release a Series of Remixes to Celebrate 20th Birthday.

2011 will see Soma Recordings celebrate their 20th year of releasing stunning and eclectic music from across the electronic spectrum. The label will release a series of singles throughout the year (some vinyl and some digital) , containing remixes of Soma’s extensive catalogue , including remixes of their big tracks like Silicone Soul’s Right On […]

Suriusmo ‘Mosaik’

Suriusmo / ‘Mosaik’ Vinyl / CD / Digital Monkeytown Records / Released 25th February 2011 Modeselektor’s label isn’t known for the expected, and the guy behind remixes for names ranging from Scissor Sisters to A-Trak and Munk was never going to bring out a normal album after spending so long creating chaotic sounds in short […]

Daft Punk ‘Tron Legacy Soundtrack’

At the helm of the Tron Legacy soundtrack is the dynamic French duo Daft Punk, renowned for bringing pop, electro, disco and dance together into one distinctively iconic style. Yet, despite the anticipation, the final product feels as if the pair have simultaneously taken the task head-on whilst remaining unsure about adapting their sound to […]