Loquace releases Cause Away

LOQUACE – Cause Away Kiara is the Barcelona imprint that focus on a heady brew of intoxicating house music. Here, they turn to the choice French producer Castagnet Loic AKA Loquace for their next EP, and it comes backed with a remix from man of the moment Chris Lattner. The Frenchman serves up three house […]

Rhythmatic get “intimate” with Gavin Herlihy (Get Physical, Cocoon) this Sat at Cargo…

Down at Cargo this Saturday, after a short break over the summer, Rhythmatic will be returning to for their renowned Rhythmatic Intimate Sessions. Over last few months, Rhythmatic Intimate Sessions has sold out every single event at Cargo with some very special guests;  Steller, Chris Lattner, Ekkohaus, Den Ishu, M.in, Lemos, Kreon, Patrick Kunkel, Gorge, […]

Weasel Blog: Phonica, PIAS, Big Chill, Hypercolour + The Martinez Brothers, Jay Haze, D’Julz, Chris Lattner, Colin Dale, Greg Wilson, Magda + the pick of the weekend’s events…

Hullo all!  Hope you are all OK and well and settling back into normality after the rioting malarky! In the style of the blitz I think its fair to say the best course of action is “keep calm and carry on”. With this in mind I decided doing the blog was the best thing to […]

“Pace” yourselves with part 1 of weasel’s clubbing guide for the double bubble bank hol weekends!! Call your ambulances in advance…

….And stock up on the Alka-seltza! As we all know over the coming fortnight we are lucky enough to have not just ONE 4 day weekend but TWO of the buggers in a row!! Hallelujah and praise be to Will and Kate! There will be the usual antics this Easter Bank Holiday, starting with the Thursday night… […]

Win tickets to rave for 24hrs w/ Moon Harbour (Matthias Tanzmann, Luna City Express, Chris Lattner + more)

It’s undeniable, the prestigious label that has now achieved its first decade of existence, excellence and success is a perfect exemplar of how to do it right. Releasing records by some of the world’s paramount artists Moon Harbour by no means lacks support, consistently supplying its contemporaries and music devotees alike with the mighty tracks […]

Various Artists ‘Deep Sensation Volume III: Mixed By Nick Harris’

Those after a slice of warm, punchy pie will quickly realise the hunt is over.

D*ckhead Safari, Old Hardcore, Funny links, DJ mixes, Picks of the Weekend’s Events…

Bleeding rainin’ again! Thank Gawdy gawd for this bag ‘o’ w*nk newsletter to pass some of the miserable day! There are a few things I have been pondering this week,  one of the main things being the fact that since the “Being a Dickhead is Cool” (click if you are the only person in the […]