Visited – Squarepusher – Come On my Selector

It’s VERY hard to believe that Squarepusher’s Come on My Selector was Chris Cunningham’s (Aphex Twin fave) first time as an editor. Razor sharp and tight like a tiger-  it’s as cinematic as it is freaky deaky. What’s also utterly unfathomable, is the concept was dreamt up just days before production: “I remember thinking fuck, […]

Plain and Simple at the Big Chill – The Verdict.

If you missed our Big Chill coverage over the weekend, you can catch up with the highlights of Friday and Saturday here, and it’s now time to give our overall verdict of the weekend, seeing as we are finally recovered and feeling close to being human again. Musically we catch up with our reporting’s from […]

Tunes on the TV – 5

Plain & Simple finishes its lists of the greatest, most innovative and memorable dance and electronic music videos ever committed to film or DV with the final five.

Tunes on the TV – 2

Innovation has had to continue in order for this medium to retain people’s interest, and keep its relevance. So let’s look at some fine examples where art meets advertising, and everyone goes home happy.

Tunes on the TV

We open up the books on another load of lists. This time it’s all about the best tunes you’ve seen on TV, with music videos from Michel Gondry, Chris Cunningham, Spike Jonze, Jonathan Glazer, Jes Benstock & Luke Losey, and Jan Loscheider (or Jon Watts)