Win tickets to Bedrock @ Freeze in Liverpool with Digweed and Ellen Allien

As the title suggests, we have two pairs of tickets to give away for the next Bedrock Records party with John Digweed and Ellen Allien in Liverpool. Get on it.

John Digweed to play marathon London set

John Digweed will unleash no less than seven hours of deep, dark, and no doubt immersive sounds to celebrate Bedrock Records anniversary in London.

News from camp Bedrock- Miami album and collaborations LP

John Digweed’s imprint has just unveiled the first in its Collaborations series, with Jimy Van M and Oliver Lieb in the mix, whilst March sees a new Miami album

Various Artists ‘John Digweed – Structures 2’

With the past of this electronic institution reinterpreted alongside its present and future anyone with even just a passing interest in quality electronic music needs to think very seriously before leaving this collection on the shelf.

John Digweed unveils exclusive Mixcloud promo

The Bedrock boss releases a minimix of tracks from disc one of his new Structures 2 triple boxset, featuring ambient remixes of Jy J, King Unique & Anthony Pappa, Robert Babicz, Marco Bailey, Nick Warren, and many more. Click for more information, as per usual.

John Digweed announces new compilation

The triple album will be released in June, and comprises electronica remixes of archive releases, a live mix from L.A., and exclusive Bedrock cuts, fresh for 2011. Fine quality progressive house, deep techno and rolling house music should be expected.

Around the world in 80 labels: Bedrock Records- John Digweed

We set off on a global excursion, talking to those at the helm of the world’s best loved labels, and hottest new imprints. To kick things off we keep it British, and invite a legend to contribute. Without further ado then, here’s John Digweed on running Bedrock.

Shades of Sound – A quick call to Guy J

After 2008’s debut, Esperanza, Guy J is back on John Digweed and Nick Muir’s Bedrock Records, with his second LP, 1000 Words. A sprawling triple disc meld of progressive house, downbeat, ambient and deep grooves, we were so happy we interviewed him.

Omid 16B ‘Rain b/w Passion of Zorro’

Powerful, hypnotic and atmospheric are three other words that come to mind, meaning you could be forgiven for thinking John Digweed has something to do with it. Damn fine prog leaning techno, or house music (ahem) on Bedrock Records.

Marco Bailey ‘Dragon Man’

Where do you begin with a new album from Marco Bailey? Do you wonder what this, his first full length release on Digweed & Muir’s Bedrock Records will sound like? Or, do you forget about it, quaff some hard liquor and party to the soundtrack?