Interview: Around the world in 80 labels- EevoNext

We’re sticking around in Holland for the next episode in our seemingly never ending global record label odyssey. Given the quality of the beer here who can blame us? In addition to all the different beers ‘of the season’ they bars in this corner of Europe all seem to offer, the music that comes out […]

Around the world in 80 labels: Reset Industries

Innovative beats are the order of the day at Belfast’s Reset. As such we invited the crew to answer some questions on putting out quality electronic music.

Around the world in 80 labels: Cloning Sound

Keen to spread our wings and explore new territories, we look to two Bulgarian house and techno bossmen for some answers.

Around the world in 80 labels: Alejandro Mosso – Mosso

Variety is usually a good thing. Certainly when it comes to music, anyway. The finest bands, DJs, and producers didn’t graduate from just one school of sound, even if they strictly play a niche sub-genre. Applying rules and ethics associated with very different canons, this is a key reason why some are just good, and […]

Around the world in 80 labels: Souvenir Music – Tiefschwarz

We’re delighted to ask Ali and Basti Schwarz, AKA Tiefschwarz- house music stalwarts and electro heroes, a few questions about running Souvenir Music,

Stumbleine ‘Ghosting’

Recent focus of our imprint interview series, Around the world in 80 labels, Hija De Colombia release eight tracks of chill-wave from Bristolian Stumbleine.

Around the world in 80 labels: Elon Admony – ReSolute

Another week, another organisation responsible for releasing records of the beats and bleeps variety. This time round we find ourselves tipping the proverbial hat to a crew that started life as something of an essential destination on New York’s underground party map, before going on to put out tracks with which to soundtrack said events, […]

Around the world in 80 labels: Troy Pierce- Items & Things

Troy Pierce steps up to the mantle and answers a few questions on how things go down at Items and Things in Berlin.

Around the world in 80 labels: Butane and Someone Else – Little Helpers

Andrew Rasse, AKA Butane, steps up for himself and Sean O’Neal (AKA Someone Else), to talk about Little Helpers, a fine label of would be B-sides and DJ tools.

Around the world in 80 labels: Lower East – Cozzy D

Cozzy D, chief A&R at one of the UK’s most prominent young house labels, steps forward to answer a few questions on what exactly Lower East is all about.