Sifting in 2012: Why it’s vital to remember and discover

Autumn is looming, meaning the elements will soon ensure most evenings are housebound. Prime time for music shopping, people should look back, not just forward.

An interview with Wolfgang Voigt on Mohn and running Kompakt

The Kompakt co-owner discusses running one of the world’s finest record labels out of Cologne, his MOHN project with Jorg Berger, and whether alter-egos work.

WALLS set for UK tour and Remixe release

John Tejada, Holy Other, Voigt & Voigt, Perc and more remix WALLS’ latest LP on Kompakt, Coracle. Six tracks are on the new EP, and 9 UK dates will be played.

Mohn ‘Mohn’

Kompakt’s Wolfgang Voigt and Jorg Berger get together again for another attempt at pushing things forward, Steve Reich style. Better yet, it works.

The Mole ‘Love Is The Way’

The Mole emerges from his winter slumber to deliver a typically leftfield outing into disco-tech, bluesy breaks, and epic ambience on Haunt Music.

Roll The Dice ‘In Dust’

Stockholm’s Roll The Dice offers a new LP on Leeds’ Leaf Label, and takes us on a journey through a piano-led ambient urban dystopia that’s quite breathtaking.

How To Dress Well ‘Love Remains’

Tom Krell opens up his scoring with Tri Angle’s first album release, and a new blueprint for contemporary R&B. Or should that be electronica? Whatever the genre, we know what the result is. Fans of Imogen Heap, early Jamie Lidell, and Burial take note.