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Check out Roberto Rodriguez’s latest hit ‘Crazy Room’

After the success of ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘The Way Is Hard’, Roberto Rodriguez is back with a major fusion of Big Room and Electro House titled ‘Crazy Room’. Bright and enticing chords kick the track off before taking it to the next level with its intense build-up and high energy, synth-led drop.   Roberto has included […]

Check out Jaksan and KIVI’s collab ‘Let’s Get It’ out now on Rock Bottom Records

From the moment you press play, you are met with an incredibly beefy Tech House groove that will blow your socks off. Jaksan and KIVI’s latest release ‘Let’s Get It’ is armed with an insane drop that takes the production to a whole new level, beautifully paired with an all-encompassing bassline and the phrase ‘Let’s […]

Loopcloud 4.0 adds Comprehensive Sample Editing

Loopmasters is about to take sample browsing and auditioning to a whole new level. With Loopcloud 4.0, users get the souped-up, comprehensive Loop Editor – a sample-slicing and pattern workbench with the power to re-arrange, re-time and re-level individual slices of any sample, whether in your library or in the Loopcloud Store. In addition, with one edit defined […]

Check out Davi Hemann’s remix of JØRD’s ‘Miracle’

Coco Star’s 1996 House classic ‘Miracle’ is a legendary track that has been remixed time and time again but Davi Hemann’s remix takes the tune to a whole new level after his version was based on JØRD and Vic Brow’s bassier, synthier interpretation.   In Davi’s production, the iconic lyrics re-recorded by Vic Brow starts […]

Pierre Reynold’s remix of Lamont Jognson’s ‘One Drum’ is out now

Pierre Reynolds has put his spin on Lamont Jognson’s latest hit ‘One Drum’ and has transformed this track into a Classic House tune with a funky bassline and gritty synths weaved throughout the background. His re-imagination of the few samples used in Lamont’s original song has now been turned into almost a verse and chorus, […]

Behind the scenes of Pierre Reynold’s ‘Day & Night EP’

Pierre Reynolds lives and breathes House music, from falling in love with the music back in 1993 at the age of 15 to now DJ’ing internationally and producing some of the best House tracks around. This infectious 2-track EP contains all the ammunition you need to rock the club – groovy beats, deep basslines, infectious […]

US & Tyranix – Turn Back Time

US and Tyranix have joined forces to create an EDM smash titled ‘Turn Back Time’. The track starts strong before stripping back down for the verses to show off their lyrical talents. The song then builds gradually leading to a synth-heavy drop that takes you back to the old school EDM days. ‘Turn Back Time’ […]

Myles Marcus – Crazy (Davi Hemann Remix)

Brazilian wonder kid Davi Hemann has put an epic spin on Myles Marcus’ emotional ballad ‘Crazy’. Davi’s version is a Big Room tune that would send a festival crowd wild! Davi has kept Myles’ powerful vocals and has ramped up the rest of the track with bright chords and pumping kicks that lead up to […]

Outsiders Festival 2015

While Amsterdam is nothing less than a festival valhalla nowadays, just a few miles north it seems awful quiet. With the emphasis on seems. Located in Alkmaar (around a 30 minute drive by car or train from Amsterdam) Outsiders Festival is a true hidden gem of North Holland. With artist like Derrick May, Awesome Tapes […]

Dangerouz Remixes Electrode & Frank Royal’s ‘Elevate’

Texas native Dangerouz releases his first remix of 2016, with the highly anticipated remix of Electrode and Frank Royal’s collaboration ‘Elevate’, out now as a free download via Electrostep Network. Dangerouz is no stranger to the studio with previous hits such as ‘Kingpin’, ‘Police Raid’, ‘Brenessy’ and the Beatport ‘Top 100 Electro House’ hit ‘Dynasty’, […]