Various Artists – Schemata

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Title: Schemata
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With the ongoing explosion of house music in clubs around the UK it’s easy to get caught up in the hype machine. But the eternal quest to find the newest, deepest, most innovative sounds will always remain frustrating. When people start throwing around labels like “progressive minimal tekfunk” questions must surface over the absurdity of it all, especially when you just want to kick back to some good tunes.

Fortunately, Soiree Records have been releasing a steady stream of the authentic stuff since the early 90’s and have put together a four track EP of their latest productions. The imprint’s Schemata EP features timeless Chicago-style workouts, and as such represents a real slice of the proper stuff, made all the more stand out thanks to the sheer number of artists desperately trying to recreate the vintage style, and find some soul.

Everything about this record is unashamedly retro. Label boss, founder, and man of impeccable taste, Drivetrain- or Derrick Thompson- has found artists from across Europe with that genuine Windy City vibe to feature on his latest release. Schemata also has one of his own productions, Metro Beach, to complement the other efforts from G-Prod, Jace Syntax and Rubba J. Despite nodding to a Roland 808 production ethic each oozes a laidback coolness that can only come from years of practice, along with a considerable amount of skill. In short- beats that don’t care about anything other than making you groove along.