Various Artists ‘RSN002’

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After we fell head over heels for the pre-Christmas Pris cut, Blind (as featured on his Unbeknownst To Us EP) it was with some excitement that the next release on the Resin imprint landed on our plate. Featuring the aforementioned artist, who seems intent on slamming chunky four four techno at anyone who will listen, along with Bleaching Agent, Divided and Manse, RSN002 could almost be a continuation of that December drop.

Reassuringly Pris’ input is again rather well realised. Forsaking the catchiness of the tune that first grabbed our attention last year for a kind of semi-industrial intensity, shades of Boddika abound with sledgehammer kicks topped with a selection of frantic percussive accents, making for the kind of fare that isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s not pretty, at all, but by all accounts could wake up a narcoleptic with a serious dose of Valium coursing through their system.

Elsewhere the EP doesn’t let up from that vibe, Manse’s Slacker belonging as it does to the Perc school of techno, resplendent in metallic edges and plenty of choppy top end touches. Again, anyone looking for even a hint of melody should move on; this one’s for the heads down, 6AM and still solid as hell crew. Meanwhile, Akplenc from Bleaching Agent opens as it means to go on- and by that we mean acidic in extremis, with all manner of pitched and bended synths freaking out right, left and indeed centre. Add to this the dubbiest of the lot- Losses by Divided, and it’s safe to say this is muscular production at its most, err, muscular, or near enough- albeit we’d still pick Blinover the lot if it came down to making a single selection from the label in question.