Siggatunez ‘In My Head EP’

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Title: In My Head EP
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Detroit and Berlin have never been closer, as observed by Hermann Stichel in an interview in January of this year. Better known as Siggatunez or Siggi Tunezia, he’s now strengthened that musical connection with the release of his new EP, In My Head. The East German native has been working with Detroit outlet Motech Records to produce a stellar four-tracker that expertly captures all the funk and soul of Detroit house while adding a little Berlin bite to the mix as well. Though he has released a smattering of recordings on various labels, including his own Tieffrequent imprint, since 2004, this new production sounds far more mature and developed than previous works, and surely heralds an artist coming into his own.

Early encounters with music whilst growing up in the GDR are often evident in his productions- a father’s smuggled jazz records, golden-era hip-hop beats and a solid grounding in piano and theory can all be heard on In My Head. Stichel’s analog approach to production gives the EP a rich organic sound which perfectly compliments his style. The title track is an upbeat number, layered with funk rhythms and synth melodies that verge on acid house as they twist and turn over the soulful bass. Run is a little darker in tone, with menacing vibrations and a choppy beat. Echoed blasts of trumpet-like synth, snippets of vocal samples and a tense bassline offset the positivity of the last track. Offenbach Bay Area returns to feel-good funk with hypnotic wahwah-esque melodies playing off its deep groove, with Big Fish a little more minimal; the techno breaks and percussion and deeper, driving synth are destined to get the dancefloor moving. In short then, a fantastic release.