Robert Hood ‘Eleven’

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Title: Eleven
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Robert Hood is known as the father of minimal-techno. He stripped away the excess of the early 90’s scene and rose to fame with a new bass-driven sound that was funky and raw. While this new release is obviously a world away from the tracks that made him popular, the talent and skills of this DJ legend are unmistakable.

It flows in the same musical vein as July’s club-smasher Paradise and though it might be easy to see his new release as merely a top-up for the album, there is definitely something about these two tracks that make them stand out. Eleven is classic Robert Hood; we have that ever-popular Detroit snare, the loop-heavy layering and all the subtle sample work you would expect from the man.

The minimal beat that Hood pioneered is out in force, giving that echo and atmosphere to the track, while the eclectic layers make it a very busy tune. It certainly doesn’t have the fun of Paradise and, make no mistake, this track is heavy. There’s less funk, less time to catch your breath, it is a seven-minute barrage of noise that is easy to get lost in. This might be overwhelming if only it weren’t so seductive.

Alarm is where Hood works his DJ magic best. This track is different in that it builds to it’s peak, rather than slamming it down from the start. There is a more definite beat, a sense of purpose, an ambient funkiness that grips you and won’t let go. The analogue warmth is great and the way the loops bend and change frequency really show off Hood’s skills. This song is a 4Am party pick up. Where Eleven might be the one to separate the men from the boys, Alarm’s inviting rhythm will suck everyone back to the dancefloor.