Reboot ‘Deep_V’

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Title: Deep_V
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Something of a tribute album, if indeed six tracks can constitute a proper LP (according to our sources, they can), Reboot pays homage to his late little brother, which sounds like a percussion heavy trip into the middle of the night and back again. Perhaps not ideal home listening fare then.

Nevertheless there’s no denying that quality productions abound. There’s a clean, sharp edge to the sounds on offer, not least on Tantric Behaviour, which uses a variety of hi hat and drummy accents to create an upbeat, cheeky little number that will sit well amongst fans of micro-house techiness, and Spincycle in their mid-naughties heyday, with the vibes continuing in a similar vein throughout the other five tunes, and the craftsmanship at work rarely dropping from exceptional.

Tortoise, the opening effort, may well be the biggest triumph, a deep, groove-driven yet stompy, staccato effort that nods to the great and good of low slung, tribal breakbeats. Second Hand Satellites it’s not, but given how high a benchmark that is for comparisons we can hardly say that as a serious criticism. Elsewhere and the pace does build slightly, Harsh Times For Kids wins the ‘Funniest Title on the Release’ award, and carries with it plenty of potentially energetic hooks likely to propel and push crowds forward. As does Banging Ear Drum, the outing that dares to tread closest to techno proper, waves of cymbal riding atop a fourth gear tempo. Quality stuff then, providing you appreciate stripped, drum-heavy and rather funky machine noises- it’s also definitely designed with DJs in mind.