Rebolledo – Momento Drive – Kompakt

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Title: Momento Drive
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If our sources are to be believed, Rebolledo has a habit of taking about ‘drive’ in music. By all accounts, we’re rather glad he does, because chances are very few people who don’t understand the power of staying in gear, without breaking the speed limit, would have been able to put together something like Momento Drive.

The clue might be in the name, but realistically in so far as mixes go this certainly ranks as a pretty clever example. Straddling the Erol Alkan, Daniel Avery, Andrew Weatherall end of dark, edgy electro-techno-weirds, complete with live undertones and a punkish disregard for monotony, it’s as heavy as you’d expect from something constructed from such solid parts. Scarcely having time to remember pleasantries, the focus here is on sustained movement of feet without succumbing to the thundering and oft-garish stereotypes of up-front electronic club music. It hypnotises whilst bounding, jacks as it rolls and drops breakdowns that have more rhythm than most tracks do with kicks kicking.

Of course there’s plenty of funk, indie-dance and even rock ‘n’ roll thrown in for good measure too, opening with melancholic electric guitar chords and erupting into a distorted, post-punk-tipped section as the disc reaches its climax (before spiralling into commanding, chunky space disco). The effect of which confirms this effort as a triumph, and the kind of melded compilation that would have been destined to become a household name and bestseller- one of those go-to mixes for the all-inclusive after party- if it had arrived ten years ago. Nevertheless, even in the digital wild west, with abundant podcasts and download only rivals, it stands head and shoulders above pretty almost all the recent rest thanks to its overwhelming focus on groovy but muscular dancefloor-focused home listening.