Presk ‘Saluki EP’

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When you’re told an EP is getting support from Jackmaster and Giles Peterson it’s difficult know what sonic image should spring to mind. Jazzanova-world-beat-cool, or juggernaut house mixed with the kind of physical delivery that should make records run for cover.

In many ways Presk’s return to the impressive Doc Daneeka-Ian Yeti run Ten Thousand Yen imprint is a bit of both. There are big, lumbering, chugging drums propelling the distinctly dubby Rais, a tune that’s tougher than it seems, with analogue melodic refrains and warm pads softening the kick-you-in-the-face-kick. MOD1 isn’t any lighter on the spanking either, in fact it’s probably more ferocious, full of sharp hooks that seem to be clinging to the staccato drums pelting out of the speakers.

In contrast the titular offering is a kind of electro-tinged, loose rhythm infected affair that would make the likes of Chicken Lips happy. Meanwhile, closer Vigor is a deliciously intoxicating, and (dare it be said for fear of tempting the weather gods) summery broken affair, topped with sax loops and underpinned by a particularly sexy, low-end focused, lackadaisical vibe. Not that it wouldn’t still sound good in winter, in the dark, nodding to the Low Life-era work of Layo and Bushwacka. Trippy, not particularly fast, but funky enough to make everyone get involved, taking all this into account the fact two hugely astute and varied musical tastemakers are on board actually makes perfect sense.