Pazul – Flight – Cat For Lunch

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Pazul proves himself to be a diverse producer who can pull together an array of influences and feed them into his own unique sounds. Here he serves up what is the 15th release on the Cat For Lunch label run by Marco and Matteo aka Metrophonique. Also, the fantastically named Marc DePulse turns up on remix duty.

First up is Flight, a roaming deep house cut that has fresh sounding melodies and instrumentals laid over the rolling groove. Scurrying percussion adds a sense of kinetic energy to proceedings and the results is an elegant track, to be sure. Next up is Lucky Twist, a nimble, dancing little number full of ride cymbal splashes, a hiccupping, up down groove and scurrying little piano notes that reverb to infinity. Finally, Marc DePulse remixes Flight into a spine tingling bit of proggy techno that builds and builds in layers, teasing all the way without really ever bubbling over. It closes out a fine EP that does the simple things well.