Newbie Nerdz ‘I Am So EP’

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Title: I Am So EP
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There’s nothing wrong with this four tracker from Alex Vovel and Dario Frenda, AKA Newbie Nerdz- in fact there are plenty of merits worth discussing. But then it’s probably not the kind of fare people will still be hammering on about by the end of 2014.

Of course nobody said all electronic music had to sound so devilishly original people will never be able to forget the tune. Quite the opposite, actually, by nature all genres associated with DJs and clubs stick to some rough-guide recipe. With that in mind, the latest on Audiojack’s imprint probably deserves more than criticism over the fact it’s ‘just’ another intimate house offering heavily influenced by bass music.

For one thing, the vocals on the titular number are sublime. And, although somewhat sparse in terms of the overall arrangement, there’s a lot of soul in all that empty space. Pianos build from the bottom up, and weighty, low-end pads add a little dub flavour to the affair. It’s stripped, sexy and definitely right for today’s crowds. As is Everytime, the B-side, which takes its lead from UK garage as much as classic house. Both are treated to remixes, from Last Magpie, who fully realises that bass notion on the first tune by dropping the four fours in favour of broken percussion whilst increasing the dominance of the strings, and Leon, who turns the second into a punchy, jacking slice of understated, drum and hi-hat-only house that doesn’t really do anything, and as such will probably be exceptionally useful in the booth.