Neville Watson ‘Hot and Heavy EP’

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Title: Hot and Heavy EP
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Lightening as it progresses, this new three tracker from KiNK’s often partner in crime and solo tech don Neville Watson has a little something for fans of the gamut between warm pad-filled house deepness and sweaty, muscular stuff. As such we were compelled to bestow four stars upon it.

Leading the pack into some jacking, warehouse rave inflected battle (or perhaps more appropriately, party) is the acid monster that is Dotting The Is. The heaviest presented here, the sledgehammer drums combined with soaring waves of synth harmony are destined to fill dancefloors whenever they grace clubbers with their presence, making for a piece of work that pays homage to two totems of classic Detroit fare- aggressive wasp in jar hooks and beautiful melodies.

Less of a contrast, and more a complement is the bouncy, seemingly spring-loaded Wired, a minimal-edged outing that’s bound to have anyone in earshot jacking away like a mindless loon until the later moments, with their distorted keys, offer a short opportunity to reflect. And, finally, the title number, Hot & Heavy appears determined to show its two comrades how to relax without sitting down; a sublime attempt to take us from the cold of Britain’s winter and land us on some sunkissed beach, bongos tapping out downtempo drum rolls and refrained notes abound. All in all then, a thoroughly complete outing.