Mind Against ‘Avalon’

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Title: Avalon
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We’d quite like a chat with Mind Against given how similar our tastes seem to be. By all accounts their production work sits somewhere between the relevant end of progressive house and a John Carpenter soundtrack. Dystopian, retro-futurist views on how dancefloors should work, if that’s not stretching your tolerance when it comes to strange descriptions too far.

Although Avalon doesn’t quite match up to Atlant, the EP we fell in love with several times over last year, it’s certainly got the makings of a very good release. Whether or not the duo in question would deliver two hours of brooding atmospherics and little else in a club scenario is up for debate, we hope not, but nevertheless in terms of appreciating releases on an individual 12″ by 12″ basis, the pair keep hitting the motherload.

As with previous endeavours, here things are kept simple enough for the most rave-adled brain to understand and warp out over. Two tracks, both intent on creating a heavy, 3AM and ready to roll atmosphere. Big synths, lumbering basslines, and a tangible edginess being two of the reasons we keep hitting repeat in the office. Not exactly breathtaking, but commanding and impossible to get away from, whilst Avalon isn’t creating the kind of spurious new genre definitions that make so many websites pregnant with excitement there’s no denying the fact that in the right context, and at the right time, this is the stuff DJs want to drop. Better yet, even if you don’t play in that way it’s impossible to ignore how accomplished the package is.