Funk D’Void ‘Lambo’

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Title: Lambo
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Lost & Found, Guy J’s label, presents its latest instalment with Funk D’Void’s Lambo, and sees the techno don delivering everything you might expect from an experienced Scotsman hardened by the years on the Soma Recordings roster that have passed since first making his indelible mark on the electronic scene via the now legendary Diabla, circa 2001. So that would be bassline driven, banging tech-edged house; a fantastic display of the producer’s skill for manipulating rhythms and melodies and a guaranteed pick-me-up for any dancefloor in need of some funk injection.

Lambo has that instantly captivating quality to it. It’s the kind of track that makes ears prick up from the bar or smoking area, and will have ravers scrambling to get in the action. The deep, progressive bassline hooks the listener first, but however good those sub vibrations are our man doesn’t simply sit back and let them do all the work. Whilst many producers might struggle to balance a piece with such killer low ends, D’Void’s sample work, careful build of melodic layers and vocal snippets compliment those solid foundations. The result is an effort that works on so many levels- a testament to the artist’s talent. Packaged with a remix by Juan Deminicis, the rapidly emerging Argentinian head who has been gaining attention thanks to output on Per-Vurt Records over recent years, the vocal-heavy techno reworking on the flip would be a solid standalone effort aimed squarely at the darker side of the dancefloor, albeit the re-fit pales in comparison with its source material, the hypnotic, spacey feel of the alternative version losing something of the essential driving aesthetic inherent in the original along the way.