dOP – Close Up – Circus Company

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Title: Close Up
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The weird and wonderful French trio are back in business with their new single, Close Up, and with the same twist of strange melodic computer house included on their previous records, this instalment translates into something of an anthem for the troupe.

You can tell these guys have a laugh with a keyboard. Each sound and harmony takes on a life of its own; no musical stone being left unturned in the quest to create an electronic banger. A testament to their willingness to push the boundaries is their wacky cover artwork, apparently a snapshot of some bizarre house party aftermath, complete with the motley crew of oddballs (those responsible for this release) sitting amid the carnage.

The single also comes with three other perspectives, biggest of which is courtesy of Catz ‘n’ Dogz. Getting airplay during Pete Tong’s Friday night Radio 1 show, we predict it will be an Ibiza mainstay over the summer, not least thanks to that testosterone-crammed kick drum, and the way those fun melodies and lyrics are here turned into somewhat darker material. Dutchman doing good, San Proper, also gets a look in, adding a tech house twist to the original, before Louisahhh lays down her own version of the vocals atop a more chilled out beat, altogether ensuring the record will be heard many times, in several different contexts, over the warmer months ahead.