Buff & Lean ft Chantelle Rowe ‘I’m Coming (Back)’

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Title: I'm Coming (Back)
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Buff & Lean ft Chantelle Rowe / ‘I’m Coming (Back)’
curious / September 2014
Buff & Lean heralds the return of UK Soulful House pioneer Sir Piers, who joins forces with Brazilian producer, KZNZK and delivering the first fruits of their new collaboration, ‘I’m Coming (Back)’ featuring stellar vocalist Chantelle Rowe! ‘I’m Coming (Back)’ is an honest story of love, loss and a strong spirit of returning to where one’s heart belongs, laced with heartfelt vocals over a lush 80’s tinged soulful soundtrack.
For  more info on Buff & Lean visit : https://www.facebook.com/BuffandLean