HR & SKI ‘Ghetto Jazz’

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Title: Ghetto Jazz
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IAHG021 - HR & SKI - GHETTO JAZZ - 1500x1500
HR & SKI / ‘Ghetto Jazz’
I’m A House Gangster / July 2015
2 House Music super heroes, Harry Romero and Joeski (aka HR & SKI), get their Summer Jazz jam freak on, delivering an ace 2 track EP for Sneak’s IAHG label. Armed with a fierce jackin’ sway, ‘Ghetto Bounce’ comes decorated with cool Jazz licks and breaks down to a sublime drum solo, before jumping back into the groove. ‘Rewind It Back’ is a no messin’, four-four intense slab of House. It’s bumping deep bass throbs to the raw pressure beats and comes loaded with an uber spoken word, fused with catchy vocal hooks. That’s what’s up!