Tropical Disco Hustle (Nigerian Disco Special) at The CLF Art Café | 18th October

Tropical Disco Hustle (Nigerian Disco Special)
The CLF Art Café
18th Oct | 23:00-05:00

Summer has been very kind to us as we’ve been playing festivals across the country, running our first international party in Lisbon and holding down a Sunday residency at The Book Club in Shoreditch. But as the summer months fade away and winter rolls in, we feel like it’s time to start bringing the heat back to London by way of Lagos!

We’ll be exploring the incredible sounds which came from Nigeria in the 1970’s & 80’s. Disco was a world-wide phenomenon, but arguably it hit Nigeria harder than anywhere else, producing some of the most infectious disco anthems which still make a crowd go wild 30 years on and 7000km away!

Expect to hear music from Lijadu Sisters, Oby Onyioha, Steve Monite, Christy Essien, Shina Peters, Mixed Grill, Dizzy Falola and so many more…

We’re expecting this to be quite busy so there will be a limited number of advance ticket available soon, otherwise post your names on the wall for free guest list (see below)!

Who are we?

Named after Cultures Of Soul’s defining album ‘Tropical Disco Hustle’, we aim to celebrate, not appropriate the immense talent and music that came out of the Caribbean, South America and the African continent during the late 70’s and early 80’s.

With such a rich and diverse crate to dig from our resident DJs will be selecting the finest dance floor grooves for us to party to, and in the run up to the night we’ll be posting mixes, albums, artwork and stories to help paint a picture of why this movement should be celebrated!

We like to keep things friendly so post your names on the wall to be added to the guest list for free entry before 11:30 and £5 before midnight.

Guest List:

Artist / Speaker: Tropical Disco.


Price: Free Guest List – GBP 0.00.

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