Disco Doesn't Suck! at The CLF Art Café | 12th July

Disco Doesn't Suck!
The CLF Art Café
12th Jul | 23:00-05:00

Disco Freaks presents Disco Doesn’t Suck!

Disco Freaks are proudly returning to the legendary CLF Art Cafe / Bussey Building, to celebrate 40 years of the genre we all love laughing in the face of the infamous Disco Demolition Night.

This will be a joyous evening to shake a leg and stick it to those angry men in Chicago in 1979. For those unaware of the Disco Sucks movement, it is a sad tale of thousands of incredibly sexually frustrated chaps who decided to pile onto a baseball field and burn and fling disco records around. Cool!

They thought that would spell the end of the genre and movement we all love. They may have won the battle back then, but here we are in 2019 and Nile Rodgers has not left our TV screens for 7 solid years and Lizzo is everyone’s fave new pop star. Nice.

We would love you to join us and get down to your favourite disco sounds all on glorious vinyl for our Disco Doesn’t Suck party.

Disco Freaks have injected the 70’s disco spirit into clubs in New York, Italy, Croatia and Ibiza but more importantly the DJ duo have been blowing the roof off the CLF Art Cafe Bussey Building for 5 glorious years.

Let your feet have some fun, it’s gonna be a late one.

Advanced tickets £5/7/10.

Category: Nightlife | Nightclub.

Artist / Speaker: Disco Freaks.

Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/456085-0?pid=4779

Price: Advanced – GBP 7.00.

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