Craig Charles Funk and Soul Christmas Party – Bristol at | 21st December

Craig Charles Funk and Soul Christmas Party – Bristol
21st Dec | 20:00-04:00

Craig Charles (BBC 6 Music)
Daytona (live)
Plump Djs (disco funk set)
Dat Brass
The Allergies
Sir Funk

Blow Pop/Sip The Juice Host Foyer

Soul Train host VIP upstairs

No need for introductions unless you’ve been living on a funkless moon for the last 10 years. He is the man-king of funk and soul, a pioneering force on the scene, the essential ingredients to the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club.

Live Band from Cornwall, UK supplying originals, edits and remixes for funk, soul and breaks DJs since 2009. Over the last 3 years, Daytoner’s live show has expanded to feature the soul power house of Lucy Richards on vocals, with support from Jack on trombone, tenor (and baritone) saxophone players, Paddy on bass and Moss providing the beats, samples, edits and FX fresh from his Cornish studio shed.

have received worldwide acclaim and relentless cross-genre support for some 15 years now. A compelling history of success, cemented by their musical collaborations with legendary vocalists Gary Numan, Jermaine Jackson and Louise Rhodes of Lamb, a ten year residency at Fabric Nightclub and over 1200 international shows.

is a true party rocker behind the turntables, captivating crowds with his ability to embrace all aspects of music that he takes inspiration from and mash them up into a unique cocktail, infused with his own signature flavour of funk. With his DJ bookings taking him to the four corners of the world, he has appeared on stages big and small and no matter what venue or style, he always brings the house down…

The Allergies have made it their mission to reshape funky vintage sounds for the modern dancefloor. Both skilled turntablists in their own right, and known for their 45 only vinyl sets, the duo of DJ Moneyshot and Rackabeat first bonded over their love of classic hip-hop and beats, then decided to pool their knowledge and skills into making their own music.



Category: Nightlife | Nightclub

1st Release: GBP 13.50,
2nd Release: GBP 15.50,
3rd Release: GBP 17.50,
4th Release: GBP 20.00

Artists / Speakers: craig charles, sir funk, daytoner, plump djs, a.skillz, the allergies, soul train, sip the juice, stereo 8, blow pop, dat brass

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