fabric: Kiasmos, Fideles & Yacine Dessouki at fabric | 12th January

fabric: Kiasmos, Fideles & Yacine Dessouki
12th Jan | 23:00-06:00

Kiasmos land in Farringdon for the first time ever. Masters of their own signature blend of minimalist techno and neo-classical, the Icelandic duo are known for their ties to the acclaimed Erased Tapes label. They bring their atmospheric electronic sound to Room One, joined by a cast of contemporary electronica’s very best artists. Italian duo Fideles also make their debut, with London-based Yacine Dessouki set to round off the bill.

Category: Nightlife | Nightclub.

Artists / Speakers: Kiasmos, Fideles, Yacine Dessouki.

Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/320948-0?pid=4779

Early bird: GBP 10.00,
1st release: GBP 16.00,
2nd release: GBP 21.00,
Entry before 12am: GBP 15.00.

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