All Night Long Chapter 7 with The Nextmen at | 15th June

All Night Long Chapter 7 with The Nextmen
15th Jun | 23:00-05:00

ALL NIGHT LONG Chapter 7 revels in the eclectic sounds of soul, jazz, drum’n’bass, reggae, roots, instrumental & actual hip hop, soul & soulful low-end boomp with The Nextmen dropping a 6hr set. Hard!

HOUSEQUAKE – EVERYBODY GET UP & DOWN!!! Fri June 15 – ALL NIGHT LONG Chapter 7 revels in the eclectic sounds of soul, dancehall, drum’n’bass, reggae, roots, instrumental and actual hip hop, soul and soulful low-end boomp, funk & uk funky, indie, leftfield, ambient, pop and straight-up jars-up pleasers. That’s THE NEXT MEN – The legendary dancefloor nuking duo hosting the 7th leg of this on-going series of on-going Impromptu audio marathons at The CLF Art Cafe.

THE NEXT MEN: Music for the perfect party whether a sweaty styled-out club set, colossal festival-smash or a crafty roof-top hottie beardy rebrand, doesn’t come from a swipe right to cutesy playlists from app-land capitalist pop-culture debris. This is serious shit. No one wants their good time held to ransom by some faux-faced numpty. They want their blocks to rock, they want their limbs to go wavy, they want the good groove to soak into their bones until yes is the only answer to every question. Hold yourself to higher standards people. We’ll be dead soon.

The Nextmen could offer you a musical masterclass in people pleasing but you’d be too busy dancing your ass off to take notes. Ask Richard Branson who he calls to smash a party, or MTV or the Cannes Film Festival, or any stage on any festival from Glasto to Bestival, Lovebox, every Notting Hill Carnival since forever, Big Chill or The Prince in Melbourne – and these boys have happily crushed said dancefloors into oblivion.

The Nextmen know what time it is and will wield your crew into blissed out masses who just want to kick back or kick up with big boss tunes to revel in some musical joy. The Nextmen, also known as Brad Baloo and Dom Search are DJs and producers/songwriters, and are eclectic to say the least.

They have big plans afoot – another album, a pop-up party tour, the resurrection of their beloved bootleg mixtapes and much more. Get your ears open and ready. Enjoy!!!

Event runs 11pm – 5am.

Time to buckle up and enjoy the ride

Venue Details: The CLF Art Cafe, 133 Rye Lane, London SE15 4ST, United Kingdom.

Category: Nightlife | Nightclub.

Artists / Speakers: The Nextmen (6 hour set).


Early Bird: GBP 5.0,
1st release: GBP 7.0,
Final release: GBP 10.0.

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