Jake Cusack’s 2018 Mixed Album is out now

Jake Cusack has had quite the year in 2018 after absolutely dominating the Tech House scene, discovering and nurturing talent at his label Funkdog Records and DJ’ing across the globe. His unique style of Deep and Tech House has been gaining rapid attention by industry heads and fans alike and after spending over 20 years […]

Dave Till & Codice – Don’t Say You Love Me EP

Dave Till and Codice have joined forces once again to create a stunning EDM track titled ‘Don’t Say You Love Me’. The song starts off slow and emotional before building up to a drop that adds just enough impact to take the tune to a higher level without becoming a heavy club hit. The classic […]

Mateo Paz is back for his weekly edition of Gain #141

Mateo Paz is back with his weekly show ‘Gain’ that is absolutely bursting at the seams with the best music around! This week’s hour-long mix contains music from such as MockBeat and Alexander Pride’s collaboration ‘Frozen Towers’, Kike Henriquez’s huge hit ‘Make My Body’ before closing the show with Martin Waslewski’s remix of Fat Sushi’s […]

Megan Kashat and Yunus Durali join forces to create ‘Loyes’

Following their collaboration on ‘Waters’, Megan Kashat and Yunus Durali have joined forces once again to create another stunning track titled ‘Loyes’. This team-up boasts catchy melodies, memorable and heartfelt lyrics and groovy bass lines, all of which highlight Megan Kashat’s vocal talents. There is also a middle-eastern vibe to the production, as Megan advocates […]

Pierre Reynolds has dropped his latest track ‘Lindy House’

Pierre Reynolds is back once again for another smash House hit titled ‘Lindy House’. The track is slightly darker than Pierre’s other tracks but just as funk-filled and groovy. The musicality in ‘Lindy House’ is just superb with its use of key changes, vocal-like synths and unexpected drops, the production ebbs and flows with perfection and is […]

JP Lantieri’s ‘Malbec EP’ is out now and features remixes from Ge Bruny, Bioslave and Marcus Knight

Following his previous and most sumptuous releases ‘Riesling’, ‘Chardonnay’ and ‘Shiraz’, wine buff JP Lantieri’s ‘Malbec EP’ tastes just as delicious and is everything you would expect from the next instalment of this delightful series. JP’s ‘Malbec’ is melodic and percussive and features atmospheric sounds that blend perfectly into the infectious groove of the song. […]

Novado’s remix of Ariana Grande’s hit ‘Be Alright’ is out now

Novado has created an absolute party anthem with his remix of Ariana Grande’s hit ‘Be Alright’. Novado’s version is a house banger with complex percussion and a funky bass line that compliments Ariana’s vocal snippets perfectly throughout the track. The beat builds from the very first bar and is bound to get any party started. Novado has […]

Jake Cusack’s November Mix Sessions are now live on Soundcloud

Jake Cusack’s full November mix session is now available to listen to on Soundcloud, this month consists of 5, 1 hour long mixes jam-packed with the very best Tech House tracks around. You can find tunes such as Latmun’s ‘Funky Drummer’ and Archie Hamilton and Benson Herbet’s huge collaboration ‘Swerve’ along with some of Jake’s […]

Znas has dropped his latest hit ‘Just A Fool’

Znas is back with another stand out production titled ‘Just A Fool’. This time influenced by more melodic Techno and Deep House sounds, Znas has fused the two genres together to create this harmonic masterpiece. Znas has carefully layered atmospheric elements and the swell of various synths before exposing you to the soothing, stunning female […]

Megan Kashat’s newest single ‘Run’ is out now

Megan Kashat is back with an incredible Deep House tune titled ‘Run’. The track features an infectious groove that pairs perfectly with Megan’s gorgeous vocals. ‘Run’ showcases Megan’s ability to write powerful, heartfelt lyrics whilst staying true to her roots and adding Middle Eastern elements such as vocal adlibs and guitar riffs. Along with Megan’s […]