The Vessbroz April edition of ElectroVessels are now live

The Vessbroz have been on the trajectory to stardom from their very first release, however, their radio show is now catching up to the success of their productions as the month of April has seen some major guests join the brothers, bringing nothing but good vibes to the world currently stuck indoors.   Now up […]

Check out Joe Hawes’ brand new tune I’m Alright’

Joe Hawes is back once again with an incredible single that is guaranteed to lift anyone’s spirits, ‘I’m Alright’ is a fresh new Future House tune that feels bright and innovative. The track starts subtly with chords that swirl in and out with the choppy vocal taking the lead, once the main beat kicks in […]

Check out Initial Eyes’ latest tune ‘When It All Ends’

Initial Eyes is back after the success of ‘Riddle Of The Spinx’ with a brand new track loosely inspired by current events called ‘When It All Ends’. As always, there is a key concept behind Initial Eyes releases where he embarks on the realisation of the abstraction through the medium of music.   Based on […]

Joe Hawes drops episode 33 of Coffee House Radio

Its that time again where we are treated to an exceptional episode of Joe Hawes’s Coffee House Radio show where he rounds up his best and favourite releases of the month and meticulously mixes them into one stunning radio show. Bursting at the seams with all things Future House, you will be able to find […]

Jacob Colon releases ‘Poetic Justice’

House music sensation Jacob Colon has a brand-new release called ‘Poetic Justice’ on the way that features tribalistic beats and a tempo that makes you want to move. Getting deeper and more mysterious as the track progresses, Jacob’s hit is perfectly produced and hits the highs and lows with impeccable precision.   The spoken word […]

Check out WNDR’s latest single ‘Don’t Belong’

Norwegian House sensation WNDR is back after the success of ‘Everywhere You Are’ with a brand-new summer anthem called ‘Don’t Belong’. You are instantly met with a forceful melodic vocal that remains a key feature throughout, offering the classic House sort of feel to it, the almost instant build-up leads to a bright piano-based groove […]

Check out Ken Bauer’s latest release ‘Making’

Ken Bauer’s ‘Making’ starts off light and airy with those classic Progressive feels over a steady beat drawing you in bar by bar. Silky vocals are brought in, harmonising with the beat and taking the track to a whole new level. The Swedish producer begins to flex his production muscles as the catchy hook in […]

Clambake & Rav3era drop the ‘I Want’ EP

Musical duo Clambake & Rav3era are back with an EP that certainly packs a punch. The ‘I Want’ EP features 2 incredible dance tracks that are seriously worthy of total domination.   The first track on the EP is called ‘Bounce That’ which has a bouncing, choppy beat with a deep vocal sample that builds […]

Check out Toma Hawk’s ‘The Watcher’ on Lakota Records

25 years in the industry and Toma Hawk is still producing tracks that are absolutely of a gold-standard and this time he is armed with ‘The Watcher’. Starting off atmospheric, the intro mirrors a countdown that instantly starts to get your heart racing. Toma Hawk’s signature Techno style kicks in piece by piece before heading […]

Check out Modern Machine’s remix of Matthew Schultz’s ‘Go’

Matthew Schultz released his single ‘Go’ back in 2019 to critical acclaim and was described as a culmination of reggae and dancehall effortlessly blended with EDM that made the ultimate dancefloor tune. After enlisting the help of NYC producer Modern Machine, ‘Go’ has been transformed into high energy Future House anthem.   Keeping Matthew’s iconic […]