Plain and Simple Interviews: Timo Maas

Timo Maas is a man that needs no introduction to our readers. A techno institution and electronic music heavyweight, and a man who doesn’t mince his words (no really, read on) – To celebrate the launch of our new office in Dubai, the Plain and Simple team grabbed 5 minutes with him ahead of his […]

Interview: Around the world in 80 labels- Guy J – Lost and Found

Guy J steps up to answer a few of our questions on running the Lost & Found imprint and consistently putting out high grade club sounds.

Interview: Around the world in 80 labels- Teng

Nick Wolfson, AKA Akra, drops by the Plain office for a chat about running his imprint, Teng, and retaining high standards of musical output.

House Gangsta ready to take over N7!

On Friday 6th December, DJ Sneak heads to North London to play for Faith at Highbury’s The Garage. With additional sound being drafted in, the venue’s wooden dancefloor and Sneak accompanied by the usual Faith suspects, this could be described as a match made in heaven. If you are in London and are House through […]

Interview- Around the world in 80 labels: Wolf Music

Matt Neale steps up to answer our questions regarding the running of his imprint, Wolf Music. This is what he had to say.

Interview: Around the world in 80 labels- EevoNext

We’re sticking around in Holland for the next episode in our seemingly never ending global record label odyssey. Given the quality of the beer here who can blame us? In addition to all the different beers ‘of the season’ they bars in this corner of Europe all seem to offer, the music that comes out […]

Familia promoter and resident Nick Tcherniak talks about their 1 year anniversary

Familia has been filling the monthly Egg London calendar with colour and exuberance over the last year and on 2nd November celebrates a one year anniversary as Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) once again takes over Egg London to the tune of two of the biggest artists around, Cristian Varela and H.O.S.H. […]

Interview: Around the world in 80 labels- Animal Language

Next up on our global imprint tour we’re in Holland, where Animal Language are tearing it up. Read on if you want to find out how they do it.

An interview with Klasse Recordings: Around the world in 80 labels

In just three short years, one particular Berlin organisation has been responsible for releasing a slew of quality, fresh sounding four four club cuts from the likes of Kris Wadsworth, Jordan Peak, Huxley, Tim Green, Paulo Rocco and Mr. Ho. As such, it hasn’t passed us by unnoticed. Keen to learn a little more about […]

An interview with Invader Records: Around the world in 80 labels

It seems like no matter how far from Britain this series takes us, we’re only ever a few interviews away from a trip back to these fair isles, such is the wealth of quality imprints that have set up shop in our green and pleasant land. Take this instalment, for example. Based out of our […]