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Yay! Yay! Its Bank Holi-day! This weeks podcasts, top 5 event listings + the very best of the rest!

Hullo readers… Another bank holiday is imminent!! *fog horn noise* below is your hand selected weekly podcasts (to get you dancing pre rave up, or toe tapping on the sofa post rave up!), the Top 5 events, as well as the VERY best of the rest (and there are LOTS!).  I hope you’ll have a blinder […]

weasel blog: pick of London’s nightlife this wkend, podcasts & mixes

This newsletter goes out online at and is also mailed to over 100k of you in the UK every bleedin week! It is not for profit and PURELY recommends nights and other stuff that is great!  Help support the cause by sharing with others and sending us stuff! If you have a DJ mix/Track/Event […]

Jeff Mills

JOE LE GROOVE MEETS… JEFF MILLS The Guestlist Network’s in-house DJ writer, Joe Le Groove caught up with the techno legend Jeff Mills to chat about new projects and the clubbing world… Joe Le Groove: What’s going on with the drummer 26 project? Jeff Mills: That started way back in my past; I wanted to […]