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Mateo Paz drops ‘Feel Your Heart’ on Stereotheism

Mateo Paz is back with a brand-new release released on Stereotheism titled ‘Feel Your Heart. Featuring the stunning and sultry vocals of Lucia Haze this chilled out prog House tune invites you into the music from the moment you press play with its operatic synths and deep bass grooves. Lucia’s voice takes over as she […]

Blueday Stereo release new EP

French producer Blueday Stereo is well versed in crafting party starting jams, just as his live shows and his previous work (not least 2012’s “Forever”), for Claude Monnet’s Paris based SSOH imprint would seem to suggest. While the latter track paired him with the vocal talents of Jocelyn Mathieu, his latest – on the surface […]

Brothers of Stereo

Brothers of Stereo: September 2010 Mix by DJ Joe Morley

Mateo Paz – Gain #146

Mateo Paz has done it again as he provides us with an hour of pure Progressive perfection! This week’s mix includes music from the likes of Ge Bruny, Dezza, Draud before closing off the show with a collaboration by Airbas, Paul Daze and Marc Deon. If you’re looking of somewhere to find fresh, new Progressive […]

Listen to Mateo Paz’s latest Gain #133

Polish nationally broadcasted radio ‘Gain’ is back for its 133rd edition, this time including huge tracks such as Christopher Ivor’s ‘Naverey Days’ and Julian Velez’ hit ‘Humans Unknown’. Mateo Paz has once again carefully selected a collection of 10 hit tracks that will get you ready for the weekend! You can tune in to ‘Gain’ every week on […]

Primo arrive at Metropolis this Saturday…

Joining the guys behind Primo is none other than James Preistley and suport to come from Hot Creations very own; Cera Alba. He is a dedicated fan of the pioneers and his productions tend to deliver tight shuffling percussion, groove driven bass lines, alluring vocal cuts and harmonic melodies. Never one to be stereotyped in […]

Lenny Dee – Trapcore Drums

Trap and Hardcore fused to kick your drums through the roof, LA-style. Lenny Dee Trapcore Drums wrings the hardest-hitting drum samples in this one-of-a-kind pack. In an act of insanity, Dee assembled a monster set of more than 500 new Drum Shots alongside the most slammin sounds from across the Industrial Strength collection. Mind you, […]

Industrial Strength pres. Lowroller ‘NI FM8 Aggression’

Industrial Strength Samples unleashes this sonic beast of a pack by maniacal mastermind Lowroller. Foaming at the mouth with 50 ferocious NI FM8 Patches, plus havoc-wreaking Audio Shots and Loops, Lowroller FM8 Aggression is primed for serious destruction in any electronic style. Brace your tracks for a fury of diabolical Reese Bass sounds, heavy Leads, […]

Toolroom Presents: Siwell

Straight from the heart of the Italian capital, Luigi Poggiani, aka ‘Siwell’, has been an ever-present, heavy hitter in the Tech-House scene. Since his first release in 2006 on the label ‘Stereo Seven’, he has gone on to be one of the most active DJ & producers in the industry, signing tracks to the likes […]

Out of control: 5 insane parties you don’t want to host

From an Australian punk getting famous off the back of a bash at his parents’, to riot police battling 4,000 Dutch kids, you don’t want these parties at home.