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Beat-Herder Announce Some Awesomeness

Somewhere deep in Lancashire’s luscious Ribble Valley the festival drums are pounding. The hills rumble and the valley reverberates – imagine the scene in Jurassic Park with the glass of water, the storm, the car, night-vision goggles, and the FREAKING T.REX!! – it’s like that, but more tuneful – for THEY pound to the selectest […]

Herd them Up! Plain and Simple head to BeatHerder.

We started previewing BeatHerder way back at the start of the year, and from the off it really stood out from the sea of press releases we have to wade through here at P&S HQ. The pre-festival PR oozed personality. This seemed to be a music festival for music lovers who don’t take themselves too […]

Beatherder Festival- Badass New Stage Announced.

Built on cups of teas and dreams, The Fortress really is a sight to behold. At 60ft long and formed of corrugated steel taken from the tomb of Miyamoto Musashi himself, it features four huge turrets and an impressive loft DJ booth. Boasting a sound system so powerful it could shatter Valyrian Steel, and with […]

Talking Badgers, Ridiculousness And Rolicking Good Times, It’s Almost Time For Beat Herder Festival!

Beat Herder is a festival like no other. Described as ‘the birthday party your parents wouldn’t let you have,’ and designed to step away from the corporate grind; this fantastical festival experience is a journey down the rabbit hole and out into another dimension. What awaits you is ridiculousness, reckless abandon and a shit load […]

BeatHearder Festival Returns!

  The Beat-Herder Festival returns to the secluded Ribble Valley in the heart of rural Lancashire this July for another three-day instalment of sheer escapism, created by an entirely handcrafted site full of surreal surprises, a refreshingly unpretentious Northern ethos and an eclectic program bursting with DJs, live acts, comedians, drag queens and much, much […]

5 Epic Reasons Why Noisily Festival KICKS ASS

Forest raving  = awesomeness. What could be better? Epic music surrounded by epic nature. Foresty food for the soul. Think Narnia meets Human Traffic meets Lord Of The Rings meets Kevin and Perry Go Large. It’s almost too much awesome for human comprehension. Possibly one of the UK’s most diverse and creatively delivered electronic music event, […]