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Weasel Blog Special: NYE & NYD… Picks of London & Manc Events, Free Music, News, Comps & Interviews…

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are looking forward to 2012! Bit of a mini blog this week (reindeers ate our homework) but your latest music news, event recommends, interviews, comps and free music still lie herewithin.  There are so many sterling nights out for NYE and NYD this year that we’ve decided […]

Weasel Blog: News / Comps / Music / Interviews / Reviews / Top 5 Events this wkend: Justice, Crazy P, Carl Craig, Craig Richards, Onur Özer, Luke Slater, MiniCoolBoyz, Tomoki Tamura, Wildkats, Huxley, Jeff Craven

IN THE BLOG THIS WEEK: NEWS: Justice set for UK tour in early 2012 Crazy P set for Manchester album launch Carl Craig, Riva Starr and Friendly Fires hit Cumbria for Uber Partizan with Simon Ledder & Rick Nicholls Craig Richards to launch The Nothing Special label with Billy Nasty and Radioactiveman COMPETITIONS: Congrats to […]

weasel blog: waffle, podcasts, competitions, interviews & the top 5 events in town this weekend…

Hiya!!! Hope this week finds you all well..  Saw in the news today that volunteers are to be shown taking drugs live on TV in a “radical”  new programme commissioned by Channel 4 (ooh they are just sooo cutting edge and “yoof” driven aren’t they?). The four-part “science” series (please excuse the extreme over use […]

Weasel blog: Weekly DJ podcasts/mixes, Pick of London’s events, Win Tickets to Moon Harbour w/ Matthias Tanzmann, Luna City Express, Chris Lattner

This blog goes out online at and is also mailed to over 100k of you in the UK every bleedin week! It is not for profit and PURELY recommends nights and other stuff that is great!  Help support the cause by sharing with others and sending us stuff! If you have a DJ mix/Track/Event […]

Cheekyweasel Crimbo Card + Recommended Nites for Xmas & NYE/D

As its Crimbo I’ve dredged up an old Christmas flash movie I made many years ago – it has naughty Christmas songs, weasels (of course), and of course a few unmentionables! Click on the image to view… ENJOY! CHEEKYWEASEL CHRISTMAS CARD I hope you’re all looking forward to Christmas and NYE – the week is […]