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Plain&Simple House – Week 10

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Mateo Paz – Gain #144

Once again Mateo Paz has provided us with an exquisite selection of tracks to get us through the week, full of hidden gems and some better-known tunes from some of the best up-and-coming artists around. This week’s edition of Gain contains music such as Personna’s ‘Made Artificially’, Gabriel Amato’s remix of Fille V’s ‘Vitamin Sea’, […]

The Concept – Nalana

Up next from The Concept is their hottest new release ’Nalana’, coming straight out of Frisson Records release schedule. This latest release boasts a percussive groove, which carries its way throughout the track with a prominent kick and shakers. The thick but subtle bass in this track really fills out the body of the track […]

Outsiders Festival 2015

While Amsterdam is nothing less than a festival valhalla nowadays, just a few miles north it seems awful quiet. With the emphasis on seems. Located in Alkmaar (around a 30 minute drive by car or train from Amsterdam) Outsiders Festival is a true hidden gem of North Holland. With artist like Derrick May, Awesome Tapes […]

V/A ‘Soulful, Deep & Dope (Created by Reel People)’

Various Artists ‘Soulful, Deep & Dope (Created by Reel People)’ Reel People Music / RPMDC008 One of the UK’s best loved independent imprints, Reel People Music, continue to push their love and passion for all things Soulful as they get set to launch an exciting new compilation series ‘Soulful, Deep & Dope’. The first instalment is selected […]

Another World Festival – Luxury Camping Fit For A Sheikh

Taking festival luxury to a whole new gold plated level – Another World Festival is the actual factual embodiment of ‘Glamping’. This is British festival meets Elysium – one percenter shit. With less than a month to go, ticket holders ranging from Arab Sheiks to hollywood A listers must be twitching in their ivory castles; […]

Not just another piano recital- An interview with Joey Negro

A stalwart of the dance music scene under numerous guises, Joey Negro, AKA Dave Lee, has never stayed still for long. Countless tunes, remixes, live band setups and general behind-the-scenes production work on some classic underground and chart music means he’s had a huge influence on his peers and many of today’s contemporary producers alike, and […]

SYDNEY – The Quest For A Decent Club Night – La Famiglia @ The Burdekin

A few things happened to me last weekend which I wont lie: (a) haven’t happened in a while, and (b.) I’d feared might NEVER happen in this fine city of Sydney. I danced in a club, to high quality music, surrounded by amazing people – not a dickhead in sight. No lies. Now you may […]

Sei A ‘Make It Work’

Opening with a beat indicative of this era- four four but hidden beneath a percussive crack that serves to disseminate the rhythm into something more stepping than slamming- and it’s easy to start predicting distinctly new school flavours to emanate from Sei A’s latest. But, whilst it’s a distinctly modern arrangement, there’s a timeless taste […]

Sei A ‘Make It Work’

Another quality Aus cut, inspired by what’s arguably an older mentality of dance, but very much belonging in the here and now. Quality stuff then.