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Eagles & Butterflies spreads his wings once more

Eagles & Butterflies is one of a few producers who is basing himself in Ibiza all year round. So far his music has come on the label he runs himself, but also on John Digweed’s influential Bedrock label. It house with a wide array of influences and here again we are treated to three more […]

Beat-Herder Announce Some Awesomeness

Somewhere deep in Lancashire’s luscious Ribble Valley the festival drums are pounding. The hills rumble and the valley reverberates – imagine the scene in Jurassic Park with the glass of water, the storm, the car, night-vision goggles, and the FREAKING T.REX!! – it’s like that, but more tuneful – for THEY pound to the selectest […]

An Interview With: Horse Meat Disco

Acclaimed London DJ collective Horse Meat Disco, now into their eighth year, have continued to lead the way with packed residencies at their HQ at The Eagle in London’s Vauxhall, Lux in Lisbon and with the Tape organisation in Berlin amongst others. Inspired by the music and inclusive ethos of New York’s club scene during […]

SIDEXSIDE – Horse Meat Disco and Danny Krivit go side by side – Win Tickets!

SIDEXSIDE is a series of contemporary music events, a celebration of DJ’s and the power of shared creativity that drives our scene forward. The concept’s very simple: Two artists sharing an entire night of music, playing together; side by side. SIDEXSIDE will create DJ partnerships that’ll excite, challenge and inspire. With an entire night as […]

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) to tell Late Night Tales

Robert Palmer, Steve Miller Band, ELO, Hall & Oates, Average White Band, Toto, and Doobie Brothers appear on the latest Late Night Tales, released this June.

This Week’s Weasel Blog: News, Competitions, Podcasts, Music Reviews, Interviews & The Pick of This Weekend’s Events…

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weasel blog: waffle, podcasts, competitions, interviews & the top 5 events in town this weekend…

Hiya!!! Hope this week finds you all well..  Saw in the news today that volunteers are to be shown taking drugs live on TV in a “radical”  new programme commissioned by Channel 4 (ooh they are just sooo cutting edge and “yoof” driven aren’t they?). The four-part “science” series (please excuse the extreme over use […]

Bin Ravin’? Feeling a bit dead? Better read this then!

Hullo folks – hope you are feeling a bit more chipper as the weekend looms! I imagine it was a wee bit of struggle this week after the 2 bank hols! So… Anyway.. Come on! hands up! Who fell asleep in the cubicles at work using the toilet roll as a pillow?! Hmmm? Who blamed […]

Weasel blog: Weekly DJ podcasts/mixes, Pick of London’s events, Win Tickets to Moon Harbour w/ Matthias Tanzmann, Luna City Express, Chris Lattner

This blog goes out online at and is also mailed to over 100k of you in the UK every bleedin week! It is not for profit and PURELY recommends nights and other stuff that is great!  Help support the cause by sharing with others and sending us stuff! If you have a DJ mix/Track/Event […]