Manu P and Jas.On Ignite Dancefloors with New Tech House Track ‘Clan 909’

Manu P teams up with Jas.On for his latest release, ‘Clan 909’: a vibrant Tech House production, this new collaborative track is poised to raise the heat across dancefloors, introducing fresh beats and groovy sounds. Coming via the label Reissues, the production comes as a powerful collaborative effort from the two Producers, highlighting their combined creative strength when it comes to crafting engaging listens, blending their signature styles into a soundscape punctuated by mighty rhythms, a driving underlying bassline, and vibrant vocal chops.  

As Manu P continues to make a name for himself within Electronic Music, demanding attention through his various creative pursuits, the talented Producer and DJ maintains a commitment to his craft, driven by his passion for the genre itself. A resident DJ for the Italian event brand The Cage and CEO of the label Finish Team Records, Manu P brings a unique perspective to each of his endeavours, whether unleashing high energy through his DJ sets or offering his support to rising Producers through his position at Finish Team Records, Manu P appears as a skilled and experienced talent.  

Jas.On himself has also been leading an exciting journey within Electronic Music: having founded Switch, an event planning company focused on curating memorable nights of Tech House, parties, and themed events, Jas.On has honed his experience DJing across stages, now coming to this production with a distinct skillset and sonic style.  

With its pounding beats, shuffled rhythms, and hypnotising processed vocal layers, ‘Clan 909’, brings the party from the very start, introducing funky energy that powers the track’s driving sound forward. As the soundscape grows with the dynamic low-end and colourful hits, the vocal-led breakdowns add to the infectious vibes, intensifying the groovy character of ‘Clan 909’ further: then glowing pads enter the mix, weaving amongst the energetic elements as the track continues to progress, guiding the listener through moments of animated sound.   

Having united their individual sounds together into a bold-sounding production, Manu P and Jas.On offer listeners an intoxicating listen, delivering a sonic experience that is a must for any of their fans or Tech House lovers. As they each continue paving their ways within Electronic Music, make sure to keep watching them by following both Manu P and Jas.On via social media. ‘Clan 909’ is out now via Reissues and is available to stream and download across platforms. 

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