DJ Dris Unveils Latest Afro House Gem ‘Universal Intent’

DJ Dris offers more compelling music as he releases his latest Afro House track, ‘Universal Intent’ via Born Digital Music. A force on the Electronic Music scene, DJ Dris continues to drop productions that keep his creative bar raised, showcasing his diverse and distinct approach time after time. As he presents ‘Universal Intent’ to listeners around the globe, DJ Dris brings yet more attention to his unique signature style, adding another layer of intriguing sound to his release repertoire with a track dynamic and bold in both its energy and sonic makeup; a Producer and DJ whose originality remains a paramount asset to his creativity, DJ Dris is no doubt one to be watching closely.  

DJ Dris continues to appear on the Electronic Music scene as an unrivalled creator when it comes to the consistency of his release schedule; having had over ten releases during the year so far, DJ Dris is no doubt rapidly building momentum, appearing with a unique creativity that remains supported by his determination, ambition, and desire to set himself apart within the genre. Having grown up in South London, immersed in a variety of music, sounds, and cultures, DJ Dris has curated a sonic identity that pays homage to his diverse background. As he brings in elements from genres like Afro House, Afro Beats, Tribal, Drill, and Funky House, DJ Dris’ signature style appears as a distinct expression, delivering bold sounds that continue to resonate with listeners worldwide. Now, as he presents ‘Universal Intent’, DJ Dris puts forward a considered soundscape, constructing a listening journey that is as unique in sound as it is in hypnotising vibes.  

 With potent rhythms and shuffled beats, ‘Universal Intent’ evolves in groovy sonic quality, epitomising the energy and character of DJ Dris’ signature style. As wordless vocals layer into the mix, catchy melodies and atmospheric pads weave together to create a captivating tapestry of sound, inviting listeners on an immersive journey that will surely leave an impression. A production detailed with distinct and euphoric vibes, ‘Universal Intent’ places DJ Dris’ rich cultural influences in the spotlight, appearing as a must-listen for those looking to discover the individualism and engaging energy that DJ Dris continues to offer throughout his music.  

A creator whose take on Electronic Music production is both exciting and innovative, DJ Dris’ catalogue of work is becoming increasingly populated with more and more impactful music, and this latest release only elevates the diversity of his discography further. So, be sure to dive in and experience ‘Universal Intent’ for yourself and make sure to follow DJ Dris across social media to remain up to date with his upcoming releases and projects. ‘Universal Intent’ is out now via Born Digital Music and is available to stream and download across platforms.

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