VAVO Remixes Priscilla Block’s Hits On ‘Spring Break ’23’

VAVO is back with a special remix pack of Country singer-songwriter Priscilla Block’s tracks, the release is titled ‘Spring Break ’23 Remixes’. The duo adds their signature style and sound to 4 tracks from the singer, creating the perfect soundtrack for the spring break. Coming from reaching new and exciting milestones, like reaching #1 on Dance USA charts, hitting the top 3 at Billboard Dance chart, amassing millions of streams across leading streaming platforms, as well as, millions of views on TikTok, VAVO shows a relentless drive and keeps pushing their own boundaries with new releases and projects. This time, they team up with Priscilla Block to release this 4-track remix pack that features the best of both worlds; Country and Dance music. 

‘Couple Spring Breaks Back’ features Priscilla’s captivating vocals, a powerful underlying bassline and slow claps that paint the soundscape. The build-up with the synths and pads finds a slapping bass-driven drop that raises the intensity and starts the party, alongside playful synths and VAVO’s signature sound that’s both uplifting and energizing.  

‘Just about Over You’ starts off with a lively beat, the lead guitar and the infectious vocals take the center stage, till the bouncy bassline drops adding groovy vibe; the synth lines and pads take the track to a new level adding an uplifting layer. The drops release the party with VAVO’s usual flavor.
The track ‘My Bar’, features a hard-hitting bassline that drives the track with Priscilla’s vocals in the center of the mix, suddenly, the track releases its power with a refreshing low-end and groovy drop. 

Lastly ‘Off The Deep End’, showcases a lively bassline, Priscilla’s distinctive and catchy vocals and VAVO’s powerful drops that blend in playful pads and panned processed vocals that certainly start the party. This track, like the rest of this remix pack, seamlessly Priscilla and VAVO’s style and sound and takes it to a new level. 

Make sure to follow VAVO and Priscilla Block, as this collaboration brings the best of the sounds and talents from these promising artists, who guarantee powerful new releases and live shows in the near future. ‘Spring Break ’23 Remixes’ is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

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