Vinny Vibe & Ferris Release Their Latest Track ‘Let It Go’

Vinny Vibe is a force to be reckoned with. The talented DJ and music producer introduces his latest banger ‘Let It Go’ in collaboration with Ferris, via KESS Records. 

Vinny Vibe is no stranger to the charts, having reached the number one spot on Miami Dance radio, with his original track ‘Seven Seas’, his popular remixes have earned him top spots on major charts, like his remix of Bad Bunny and Jay Cortez hit ‘Dakota’ which hit the #1 in North America on iHearts Remix Top 30 countdown with Hollywood Hamilton. 

Vinny Vibe’s success shows no signs of slowing down, releasing fresh hits back-to-back, that showcase his unparalleled style and sound, while curating the best mixes for his weekly radio show ‘Good Vibes’, which airs during the Friday morning drive time on Pitbull’s Globalization, on Sirius XM Ch 13, reaching a large audience eager to enjoy his skillful and tasteful style. 

This time, Vinny Vibe teamed up with talented singer-songwriter and music producer Ferris to produce this new hard-hitting single. 

‘Let It Go’ features a signature Dance synth progression, a catchy vocal melody, an energetic beat that serves as the backbone of this impressive record. Playful vocal chops, dark pads and sonic elements add dynamism to the track. The urgent risers make way for intense drops that release the party, supported by a bouncy and robust bass line. Interesting vocal processing gives the track a refreshing and uplifting vibe. 

This is certainly a powerful and energizing track that assures a stimulating listening experience as well as an unbeatable and electrifying party vibe. 

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‘Let It Go’ is out now via KESS Records and available in all major streaming platforms and online stores. 

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