Archives for August 2021

Tune in to Kebi’s Brand-New Release ‘Novoye’

If you’re looking to chill out and unwind, then tune in to Kebi’s latest release ‘Novoye’, supported by the Dancing W/A Dream imprint. Currently residing in Canada, Kebi features as more than a Producer, with talents bleeding out into all aspects of the creative field as he excels in DJing, Producing, and creating art. Viewing […]

‘Why Do I?’ is Bound to Turn Heads This Summer From VAVO, Nicopop, and ZOHARA

The unstoppable trio made up of VAVO, Nicopop, and ZOHARA are back with their brand-new release together called ‘Why Do I?’, and it is definitely not one to miss out on. With a substantial amount of career accolades shared between them, it is undeniable that their work together would go down a treat on any […]

Kebi Continues to Break New Grounds With Relaxing Edit of ‘Only The Wild Ones’

Kebi’s popularity in the dance music scene only seems to multiply with each new release, and you can expect his latest work on ‘Only The Wild Ones’ to take you on a journey as it is brimmed full of genre-bending elements that provide an undeniable chilled and enjoyable vibe for all listeners. Upon pressing play, […]

subduxtion Drops Unforgettable Atmospherics With New Release ‘Expanse’

Following his latest appearances on prior HPS releases (Various Artists and Reshapes 01 and 02), subduxtion is stepping out on his own with his brand-new release ‘Expanse’. This three-track release sees subduxtion continuing to evolve his image with an inimitable sound unlike any other. subduxtion’s ability to branch out and play with and combine a […]

Check Out Brand New Single ‘With You’ From Avi Sic

DJ and Producer Avi Sic is making a return to the scene with her brand-new release ‘With You’, and it is definitely not one to miss out on. Avi Sic is no stranger to the dance music ecosphere, with her impressive career accolades including 300 annual performances in some of the most prestigious clubs and events. This […]

‘Anytime’ Marks Another Impressive Drop This Year From LZRD

Hailing from Virginia, dance phenomenon and Producer LZRD is back again with his brand-new record ‘Anytime’. Armed with an impressive discography of hits that have garnered him over 150 million steams, LZRD has achieved some seriously impressive career accolades during his six years spent in the studio. With coverage from some of the most prominent […]

Terry Golden is Back With His Brand New Release ‘EvaR’

Hailing from Denmark, Terry Golden is somewhat of a veteran in the dance music industry, with almost 30 years of knowledge under his belt DJing and Producing in the electronic music scene. With musical influences built from various genres and artists who have helped to shape Terry’s sound today, you can thank the likes of […]

Keep up With The Hottest EDM The Scene Has to Offer – NATHASSIA’s ‘Goddess Is A DJ’ Radio

NATHASSIA bounces back with this month’s supply of the best EDM tunes around. If you’re not yet acquainted with NATHASSIA, she’s a powerhouse of an artist. Her musical influences and sounds are constantly evolving, made up of her worldly influences that are entirely unique and hypnotic. She is currently sat on top of an impressive […]

subduxtion Continues to own 2021 With Latest Techno Drop ‘Ambience’

Looking for a new track that epitomizes underground Techno culture? Then tune into the latest minimal Techno anthem from subduxtion – ‘Ambience’ as part of the Techno Vol 2 Compilation. Backed by the idea of embracing technology as a tool for the manipulation of perspective, subduxtion has been making a name for himself, armed with a discography of impressive […]

Compulsive Marks The Fourth Release From Lenell Brown’s Impressive ‘Bring it to Life’ Video Series

Lenell Brown is kicking off yet another impressive release this month, featuring as the fourth release so far in his ‘Bring it to life’ video series that has taken the industry by storm. ‘Compulsive’ marks Lenell’s latest work in the series, and just like his previous pieces, you can expect to be treated to a high-quality and original visual remaster of the originals. This […]