‘Stay Up’ by Naizon

The Don Naizon is back with another Tech-House track bursting with energy, built to break down dancefloors and rumble through your ribcage. The UK based DJ/Producer continues to impress and build upon a rich catalogue of tunes he has released over the past few years.

‘Stay Up’ is an unadulterated Tech House banger. There’s no simpler way to put it. Staying true to his influences from the genre, but blending in elements from other genres he loves – he creates a unique track in a way only he knows how.

Starting with serious percussive power, the energy is immediate and gives you a taster of where the track is headed. As the track builds, it keeps the listener waiting for the pay off with vocal chops and loops.

Using technical repetition, the mesmeric bassline rolls around and oozes low end. Building throughout the track, the intricate synth work is Tech to its very core. Naizon delivers once again and shows why his work continues to be played in raves and on streams around the world.

Released on LSL, Naizon is no stranger to working with a variety of labels in the scene. But LSL have signed an absolute smasher with this one. Naizon’s ‘Stay Up’ is available now to listen and purchase at the link below.


Naizon Online